Insurance for Rental Property Vs Homeowners Insurance

Insurance for Rental Property Vs Homeowners Insurance

Thanks to the myriad of insurance carrier options, selecting the carriers for home insurance quote Texas has become a daunting task. However, with the right guidance, basic tips, and a reliable agent, you can enjoy utmost safety at a nominal cost.

According to Business Insider, home insurance in Texas typically costs around $1,140, whereas the US’s average premium is $1,075. Texas is, in fact, among the most expensive state for home insurance. One of the major reasons for high premium rates in Texas is that the state is prone to hurricanes, making wind and hail-related losses a prominent part of insurance coverage.

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insurance for rental property vs homeowners insurance

5 Easy Tips to Save on Your Home Insurance Quote

Although the average cost is $1,140, your premium can be higher or lower depending on several factors. Here’s how you can save on your policy premium:

Policy Shopping for Home Insurance

The best way to ensure you get insurance coverages at the best prices is to look around and analyze the ongoing premium rates. Only when you get home insurance quotes from different insurers in Texas can you make the most optimum purchase. Talk to your insurance agent, friends, colleagues, or relatives to get good policy recommendations.

Check Your Coverage for your Insurance

Your policy premium has a direct relationship with the coverage amount of your policy. The higher the coverage amount, the greater the premium. Therefore, identify the coverage you need and buy just that. For instance, the land where your home sits isn’t prone to loss or theft. Meaning, you can skip the land value while considering the total home insurance coverage amount.

Deductibles on Home Insurance

A deductible refers to the amount of money you’ll pay before your insurer pays for the covered loss. For example, a deductible of $1,500 means you need to pay $1,500 by yourself before your insurer pays for the insured loss. A higher deductible means a lesser payout obligation on your insurer’s end. As such, you end up paying a lesser annual premium with a higher deductible.

Multipolicy Discounts on Quote

While shopping for a home insurance quote from your choice of carriers in Texas, consider looking at the premium rates for auto insurance or other insurance you need. The catch is that you’re likely to be eligible for multipolicy discounts if you purchase multiple policies from the same insurer.

Home Security in Texas

Home securities come with two major benefits.

  • One, your home is safer with a home security system than without.
  • Two, your insurer offers you policy discounts due to the lower risk of losses.

While home insurance quote in Texas may have one of the highest rates, you can easily keep your premiums low with these tips.  Get a brief idea about your home insurance cost by getting a quote for free. 

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home insurance quote philadelphia