Cheap Rental Home Insurance

Cheap Rental Home Insurance

Becoming a homeowner in Philadelphia means that you will have to deal with many weather issues such as blizzards, flooding, hurricanes, and occasional tornadoes. That makes it even more important for homeowners in Philadelphia to choose the right home insurance policy. Philadelphia faces quite a bit of flood due to its proximity to the Atlantic coast and the Delaware River. Homeowners should know that home insurance does not cover flooding. Therefore, choosing a home insurance quote Philadelphia bundled with flood insurance is although more critical.

The weather conditions of your residency will affect the quote set by home insurance companies. With fragile weather conditions, damages are more likely to occur. Insurers see this as a more significant risk!

Factors That Affect Cheap Rental Home Insurance Cost

Alongside extreme weather conditions, other factors affect the rate quoted for home insurance policies. Some of which are:

Credit score:

Your credit score plays a huge role while the insurer is determining your home insurance premium. According to Investopedia, buyers with a low credit score are “high-risk,” meaning that they are more likely to miss out on a payment or stop making a payment. In order to compensate for such cases, insurance companies quote higher amounts for people with lower credit scores.

Claims history:

If you come with a long list of filed claims on your previous home or other insurance policies, home insurance companies will quote higher premiums.

Condition/Age of home:

Your home’s condition and age is another big factor that impacts the quote given by your home insurance company. Insurance for a new home is much more expensive than for an old and outdated home. When the house is newly built or remodeled with new design and appliances, it costs insurers a lot to get replaced in case of damage. On the other hand, older homes will be cheaper to fix, resulting in lower premiums.


If the crime rate in your neighborhood is high, insurers will likely quote to with higher premiums. However, there are discounts if you purchase a home security system.

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cheap rental home insurance

Cheap Rental Home Insurance

In Philadelphia, home insurance is a $200,000 dwelling coverage that includes a $1000 deductible and $100,00 liability is $801. Philadelphia offers some of the cheapest home insurance quote in the country, but that doesn’t mean you will be paying little to the policy.

For instance, here are the most expensive and least expensive ZIP codes:

Most expensive ZIP codes
  • East Germantown — $1,493
  • Ogontz — $1,460
  • East Oak Lane — $1,459
  • West Torresdale) — $1,430
Least expensive ZIP codes
  • Willow Street — $578
  • Gordonville — $579
  • New Holland — $580
  • Lancaster — $580

Homeowners in Philadelphia need to consider a lot more when settling up their home insurance quote. Being prone to storm and flood damage, homeowners require to bundle home insurance policy with flood insurance. Be wise homeowners and insured!

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